Let me begin with a disclaimer — I am no expert. I don’t think there are any experts when it comes to homeschooling. There are, however, heroes — parents (and caregivers and tutors…) with much determination to give their children the best education. Some have more experience than others, some might know more than others, but no one is more of an expert in their own child than a parent.

I’m writing from the perspective of being such a parent.

As someone who’s been around homeschooling communities, I found out that despite homeschooling not being the easiest undertaking, it does have a clear compass, a shining guiding light. And while there are many ways of approaching homeschooling, with many methods and practices, if I were to give only one advice (which is what I’m doing, I guess), it would be:

Love your kids!

Now, of course you do. That’s perfect, because it means you come prepared.

Whatever hardship, drudgery, confusion and doubt you might have — always remember who you are doing it for.

When you’re tired, unsure or overwhelmed, bring to mind the love you have. That is the most important thing. The rest matters much less.

When researching educational resources, when making decisions about their curriculum, when building their learning environment, when teaching, when letting them explore on their own… Always keep in mind that you do have their best interest at heart. Always be confident that the care you are giving the task of homeschooling is the best for them, because it comes from your love for them.

You might not have all the answers, but you already have the solution.

And don’t forget — they love you too. That’s why you’ll both succeed.

As the brilliant developmental psychologist Gordon Neufeld has said: “The way to children’s minds has always been through their hearts.”

Good luck!

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