Just Did (or: I love my old shoes so fuck you consumerism.)

Je t’aime Flex Experience Run 9 Men’s Running Shoes

I just bought new running shoes today.

(My wife asked me if they’re any good. I said — “Nike says so. I’ve yet to meet them.”)

Then I looked at my old ones.

The journey that we had together; all the roads and grass and dirt I carried them while they protected my feet.

They got wet, they got muddy.

Over time, they got torn.

I glued them back together, nursed them to health, and we were both up and running in no time.

Consumerism heresy, but I love my old shoes.

When I look at my old shoes I don’t think — “Just do it.”

I think — “I just did.”

Nike, I await your call (lawsuit or campaign offer).

“A shoe must be three things — It must be light, comfortable and it’s got to go the distance.” — Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman

Also, Wabi-sabi.



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